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Our Mission

LocaLitany is a website where Roman Catholics can easily find (or submit) Catholic businesses, organizations, and churches around them. Looking to support a restaurant whose owner cherishes virtues you agree with? Browse our map! Are you a doctor who practices in accordance with the Church? Submit your practice on the site. This project’s goal is to show the ‘litany’ of organizations that make up the ‘Sanctus Mercatus’ (virtuous marketplace) currently existing in your local community.

In order for this website to be a valuable resource, we rely on user submissions for information. It is (currently) 100% FREEĀ to be a contributing member, just sign up at the top of the site! See a location posted here that you already manage? Just use the claim button.

Please be patient as we update this site while in beta stage. It’s brand new with a lot of updates and changes coming. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or complaints, we rely on your feedback. Lastly, please share this site with your friends and like us on Facebook. Help spread the word!

LocaLitany, Your Key to the Kingdom

Our Patron Saints
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    Saint Homobonus

    Saint Homobonus, patron to business people, was a merchant known for his virtuous business practices and charity. Canonized in 1199, he was also known for his prayer life and devotion fo the Eucharist. St. Homobonus, please pray for us!

    Feast day: November 13

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    Saint John Paul II

    JPII’s powerful intercession is rooted in his understanding of virtuous and free markets. Having lived through, and helped eradicate, the evils of Communism, he knows the stark contrast between the two economic systems. St. JPII, pray for us!

    Feast day: October 22

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    Venerable Fulton Sheen

    Ven. Bishop Fulton Sheen, being a 20th century American, understands not only the good a free market system can do but also the immorality that can sometimes plague it. Let his stance for virtue and common sense be a reminder of our responsibility when engaging in such a market.

    Ven. Sheen, pray for us!

Our Coat of Arms

Our coat of arms incorporates some attributes both of the Catholic Church and this website.

  • We see the dove representing the Holy Ghost coming down to meet us.
  • We have four quadrants divided by a large cross (which I think looks like a pretty cool sword too).
  • On the top left we have the twelve stars that represent the apostolic pillar of the Church.
  • The image in the top right shows two people conducting business in a community with the Latin phrase “Sanctus Mercatus“, our motto, underneath. Translated to English, it means “virtuous commerce” or “holy marketplace”.
  • The bottom right simply shows the colors of the Vatican’s Swiss Guard. This represents both being one with the Church and strength.
  • In the bottom left quadrant is the an awesome version of the IHS Christogram. If you ever wondered what the seemingly cryptic monogram meant, it is the first three letters of Jesus in Greek, translated into the Latin alphabet. Our style of Christogram is particularly unique in how each of the three letters is intertwined with one another and with the Sacred Heart crowned with thorns topping the “I”.

Yes, I know it’s awesome, thank you.